Planting at Frenchy’s Pond

This past Friday Jack and I went down to Frenchy’s Pond to plant some trees and shrubs in an open area just above the pond. We planted a variety of trees and shrubs that enjoy being in a damp area. In total, 50 trees and shrubs were planted.

While planting we also discovered evidence of beaver activity in the area. We found chewed down trees, recently made beaver prints, and eventually found the beaver’s dam.




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Signage Installation

During a rainy day last Thursday, Jack and I assembled some signs that were to be placed at various locations in the area, such as:

  • Camp Abegweit,
  • Stordy’s Pond, and
  • Tryon Trail.

We first stayed dry inside to assemble the signs.


We then ventured out to Camp Abby to install signs informing people not to walk on the marram grass, as well to warn them about the unstable cliff edge.

We then went to Stordy’s Pond to install signs informing people to be cautious of the steep slope.

Our last stop was at the Tryon Trail where we installed a sign that showed trail-walkers the direction of the new extension of the trail, that is otherwise not that visible.


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Stream Assessments Beginning

On Wednesday we went down to the East branch of the Westmoreland River above Stordy’s Pond to begin doing stream assessments. Kellie came down to the stream with us to show us the ins and outs of this task. All areas that require future work were analyzed, documented, and photographed for future reference. Here are some photos I took while doing an assessment of this stream.

4km of this stream will be assessed from above Stordy’s Pond up to where it crosses the Balaklava Road.

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Hampton Shore Check-Up

This past Monday we traveled to the Hampton Shore site where two years ago, we planted salt-tolerant shrubs along a section of the shoreline. When there we weeded and pruned around the shrubs. Most of the shrubs survived and look healthy! Marram grass was also planted along the shoreline, and a lot of it was found along the beach.


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Victoria Estuary Shrub Planting

This past week Jack and I made several trips down to the Victoria Estuary site to plant some shrubs. Two years ago the crew planted many shrubs in this area, so we also checked up on those. We wrapped and planted around 150 shrubs in this area so far.

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Tryon Upper Estuary Forest Site

Over the past week Jack and I went down to the Tryon upper estuary forest site where 200 trees and shrubs were planted in the 2017 season. While there we rechecked the previously planted trees, weeded around them, pruned them, and put tree wraps on them. The status of these trees was very satisfying as mostly all of them looked very healthy, and very few of them died.

After checking up on the trees we did some quick maintenance to a path that goes through this forest.

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Tryon Estuary/Route 116 Shrub Planting

SSWA gained a new student employee for the summer. Jack Robinson has began working with me today. We spent some time planting shrubs along the Tryon estuary (Route 116) where the river is meandering against the road bed. We planted wild rose, bayberry, and red-osier-dogwood along the bank to prevent this road bed from eroding.


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