Tuesday, August 15th

This morning Brandon and I once again did water-testing around the South Shore area. While doing this I took this photo at the new Kelly’s Cross culvert crossing.KellysCrossCulvert

In the afternoon I headed down to the Westmoreland River Nature Park to begin weeding around the plants in the pollinator garden. Here are some photos I have taken while I was there.

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Stuchberry Stream Cleaning 4

On Monday afternoon Myles joined Brandon and myself to continue working along the Stuchberry Lane stream. Myles operated the chainsaw and many large blockages were cleared to provide fish passage. Due to time constraints and heavily overgrown stream, the entire section of this stream was not completed. Here is a photo at the blockage where we stopped.


There is a stream somewhere under that mess.

Here are some before and after photos of some blockages we cleared.

And here is Myles working his way through a blockage.


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Monday, August 14th

On Monday morning a government official came out to the South Shore area to look at some of the work we have done this year. Kellie, Brandon, and I all went to the following sites to show:

  • Lord’s Pond
  • Camp Abegweit Living Shoreline and Forest
  • Stuchberry’s Lane Stream
  • Tryon Estuary
  • Victoria Provincial Park
  • Westmoreland River Nature Park

This morning went very well and the government official was pleased with the work we have completed and will continue to work on.


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Westmoreland East Stream Cleaning

Today Myles also joined us in the West Branch of the Westmoreland stream to clear some large blockages. This work completed the section from the Crapaud Bridge to Old Town Rd.

This work will also be evaluated on Monday.

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Evasive Species Work at Lord’s Pond

On Wednesday we also went to Lords Pond to do some evasive species work. We mostly eliminated Wild Cucumber, but we also encountered some Japanese Knotweed and some Himalayan Balsam.

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Camp Abby Trail Maintenance and Tree Re-Planting

On Thursday morning Brandon and I went down to Camp Abby to replant any trees that have succumbed to the harsh conditions along the bank. Even though most of the trees we originally planted are still alive, some had to be replaced.

We also did some trail maintenance for the camp. We whipper snipped and trimmed any branches that were obstructing the trail.CampAbbyTrail2

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Water Testing/Victoria Park Sign

On Tuesday we did water testing once again, and inputted the data that we have collected. Here is a photo of us collecting the data at one of the sites.Watertesting2

We also went to the park in Victoria to install a sign for the park that highlight the impact that erosion has done to the park. It also explains the work that is being done along the bank to lessen this impact.

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