Stream Cleaning at Stuchberry’s Lane in Tryon

Over the past couple weeks we have been working in Tryon at the Stuchberry’s Lane stream between the Tryon Point Road and Route 10. We worked through a part of this stream at the end of last summer but didn’t have enough time to finish it as it was very thick. We managed to complete this section of the stream today. This stream was severely overgrown with weeds, deadly nightshade, and alders of course. Here are some before and after photos from this stream.

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Kestral Boxes Installed With the 4H Group

A large group of 4H students joined us at the Noonan’s Wetlands recently to install 9 kestral boxes that they built themselves. This event was during their 4H exchange trip where there were kids and parents from Manitoba along with the 4H members from this area. Together we put up 9 kestral boxes around the wetlands and on the Dickie Road. Here are some pictures from that morning.


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“No Fire” Signs Installed at Linden Hill Park

The “No Fire” signs are now installed at the entrance of Linden Hill Park! Hopefully this sign will be well understood and will prevent any further fire damage in the future.

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Boat Launch at Noonan’s Wetlands

Recently we have been down to Noonan’s Wetlands in Borden to cut some bullrushes out from the boat launch in the area. We cut the bullrushes down in order to allow people to launch their boats easier as well as to promote safe viewing of the area.


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Tryon River Trail Maintenance

This past Wednesday we traveled down to the Tryon River trail where we met up with Bob Butler and Jack Sorenson. While there we helped out with trimming sections of the trail where plants and weeds were overgrowing the path. We used machetes and Jack’s hedge trimmer to cut back the weeds and then piled them up and removed them.

We then did some invasive species work along the trail where we uprooted some large patches of Buckthorn. We cleared as much plants of this plant species as we could see in the area in hopes to eliminate it from the trail.

Once again, it was nice to help out Jack and Bob in maintaining a beautiful nature trail in the Tryon area!




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Invasive Species Control at Lord’s Pond

We have recently been doing some invasive species control around the area. We’ve been controlling the species such as Japanese Knotweed and Wild Cucumber. Here are some pictures of these species that I have taken from around Lord’s Pond. We used machetes to chop down the Japanese Knotweed and have pulled the roots of the Wild Cucumber out of the ground.

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Stream Restoration Above and Below Balaklava Rd. West

Over the past couple weeks we have been working through the stream above and below the Balaklava West Road. This stream is part of the Westmoreland River that runs across the Old Town Road and through Crapaud beside the Harveys General Store.

Myles came through a large section of this stream with his chainsaw and cleared some heavy alder overgrowth and some deadfall spruce from the streams path. Thanks to Myles for the productive help!

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Another Successful Crapaud Exhibition

Another Crapaud Exhibition has come and went! This year we once again set up our booth and also built bird-boxes in the children’s building outside of the rink. Many questions were answered at the booth and some memberships were sold! Our theme this year was “Reptiles and Amphibians” as we had a taxidermy snake, several snake skins, and a educational presentation on display. The bird box building also went very smoothly as 30 bird-boxes were built and painted. Thanks to all who helped out at setting up and working the booth.


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Work Done in the Seven Mile Bay Watershed

Last Wednesday the crew joined Kellie along a trip to a shoreline protection site that is along the Chelton Beach. Last year multiple salt-tolerant shrubs were planted along the bank in order to protect the shoreline from erosion. While at this site we pruned the shrubs that were originally planted in this area. It was nice to see that many of the plants were growing!

We also stopped in at the Noonan’s Wetlands where we use machetes to chop down and haul out some bull-rushes that were blocking access to a boat launch. We made a clearing for boats, but still need to cut the lookout out wider to provide a better view of the pond.

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Stream Restoration Above Linden Hill Pond

Throughout the past couple weeks we have been working down in the stream above the Linden Hill Pond. We have made several trips to this stream and have cleared a large section of it of any blockages. A lot of dead fall across this stream created some large blockages and made it an obstacle course when walking in and out of the stream. Here are some before and after pictures of some blockages we cleared.

Also, while up around the Linden Hill Pond we took inventory of the D.R.E.A.M. trailer where there was an abundance of useful tools and accessories for watershed work.




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